Linksys BEFW11S4 ver.3: Upgrade firmware?


My Linksys Wireles / 4-port Router shows "1.45z, Feb 28 2003" firmware version. According to the web-site the latest for this model is

1.45.10 (dated 4/15/2004), which is one step up.

I'm experiencing connection interruptions that are especially annoying when I'm using VPN and quickly run out of available sessions.

I'm not sure whether the improvements made between the two versions could resolve my problem

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Any opinions?

TIA, Eugene

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Eugene F.
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Hi Eugene,

You may find the Linksys Knowledge Base helpful:

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While I see "Recommended Firmware Upgrade for the BEFW11S4 Version 4" document there I found no similar guidelines for Version 3.

Have I missed something?

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