EZ-Mate backup

Anyone had any luck combining 2 different restore backup files into one restore backup file..?

Had a friend who uses EZ-Mate to access his collection of FBII panels. His problem is that he uses 2 different computers with 2 different sets of files. And is now stuck with combining them into one working file on a new computer..

Tks. RTS

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Rocky T Squirrel
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Why not import them into Compass?

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Mark Leuck

We tried the compass program when it first came out. All it would do was corrupt the panels programing if it connected at all. tech support was next to worthless. (we got better results fixing the software with trial and error experimenting)

I jsut asked them if anyone had tried the combine using compass and they said "Nope" "was under the impress that only one restore would import to compass, the second attempt would overwrite the first import.

If you know of a "Trick" we haven't tried please let me know..


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Rocky T Squirrel

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