Question about fax call-blocking (based on Station-ID?) [telecom]

I understand that group-2 fax machines exchange some electronic information when a fax is sent from one machine to another. This information includes the phone number and company-name that is pre-programmed into a fax machine and normally appears in small print at the top of each fax page as printed by the receiving fax.

I believe this information might be known as "Station Identification" information or data.

I want to know if there are any fax machines or fax-software (running on a PC being used as a fax machine) that can block or drop incoming faxes based on this phone/company (station-ID) data?

Note: I am not talking about being able to drop/block a call based on caller ID. I want to be able to block/drop incoming fax calls based on the Station-ID info that can be (and if I'm not mistaken, must be) pre-programmed into fax machines by their owners before use. I understand that in some (or many) cases, a sending machine may not have any of this info programmed into their device, in which case I should still be able to block/drop such calls if they send null information.

Is there a name or term for this specific fax-blocking ability?

Are there any fax machines (specific brands/models) or PC fax software that can do this?

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I used EFax to collect junk faxes without printing them out. Not perfect, but usable. Mark L. Smith

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Mark Smith

Back in the last century, when ZyXel was *the* modem name to look for, some SGI engineers had written fax software named Zfax for use with those modems

-- it used to have such capabilities as you seek.

For today, though, I'd advise trying the links that crop up when YaBinGling

: zyxel Zfax Sender ID

(or variations on that search string). HTH. Cheers, -- tlvp

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