I need simple hotpspot software.....

I need some simple hotspot software with the following capabilities.....

- Ability to run on commonly available hardware (like the Linksys WRT54* and WRT300* models) The wider the hardware pool the better.

- Ability to program in a landing page in the router's settings. (To say welcome and let them know who is providing the hotspot.)

- NO registration whatsoever required for the end users. (It's free. Why do I need an email for something that is free?)

- Parental filter option that filters by internal (or externally available) keyword list (Ideally the keyword list should auto-update from an xml list that could be retrieved from a URL that I can specify in the router's settings.)

- Ability to send all traffic through a transparent proxy (so that users don't even know a proxy is being used) located somewhere on the internet that I can specify in the router's settings. This should be off by default. (I just thought this might be a good idea to implement stronger parental controls for web content if needed.)

- Ability to set 2 to 4 DNS servers in the router's settings. This should be an optional setting.

- Router should "phone home" every X seconds or minutes by passing an ID unique to the router (or router name that I can specify) to a web service that I can specify in the router's settings. This is so that our other locations with dynamic IP addresses can be monitored and we can get the IP needed to log in remotely to the router if we need to do so. OPTIONALLY, the router should also retrieve an XML settings file at this time and the router should compare the new XML settings file to it's internal settings and makes changes if needed to it's internal settings.

- The ability to only show a different landing page during certain specified hours and block all interenet acces at those times. (For turning off the router's wifi when my daycare is closed - but still be able to show a landing screen that basically says, "I'm sorry but we are closed, please come back at........")

- Of course, the router's administration should be password protected.

This seems pretty simple.

Does anyone know of any open source software that does all of this?

Would anyone here be interested in programming this at a reasonable rate?

Any help is appreciated!

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I don't know of any on-router firmware that will do all that, but you could do it all using a Windows PC (server) at each location with...

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software providing the landing page, no registration, and parental filter

- this could also be used to direct all traffic to your proxy, but there is no such thing as transparent proxy - some apps will not work if you do this, namely VPN, VoIP, or P2P, so I wouldn't suggest it, your also creating a single point of failure and dependancy on your hosted proxy for all the hotspots to work :-(

- the machine can "phone home" via a scheduled task with a batch script

- and DNS Redirector can facilitate a different page during after- hours.


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