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I am using Aol silver broadband. Zone alarm is blocking all attempts to download music. I am wary of switching off. Any ideas?

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Are you saying that you are running a file sharing application and zonealarm is asking you whether it should connect to the Internet or act as a server or both? If so then it was you who chose to run the file sharing application and you can hardly expect it to work properly if you don't give it the network access it requires. Please note that P2P file sharing applications are an excellent way to get a Windows PC full up with viruses, trojans and other malware.

Or are you saying that you have already misconfigured zonealarm so that your P2P application cannot work? If so then it would be a good idea to start learning about networking and computer security in general. The more you learn the more it becomes clear why personal software firewalls are no use to the average home Windows user, except to give them a false sense of security. Personal software firewalls are very popular with home Windows users for the following reason

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Do you have a virus scanner installed and has it downloaded the latest updates?


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