Routing between VPN`s fails

Hi, i cannot get the routing between two ipsec connected network working.

The setup looks like this: (192.168.x.x/16) NET A (.150/24) NET B (.253/24) | | | -- -- NET C (.3/24) -- -- | | NET D (.1/24)

I get the following error message when trying to ping from a host in Net B to Net A:

*Mar 27 10:47:41.219: IP: s= (Dialer0), d= (Dialer0), len 84, crypto map check failed.

At the same time, traffic flows fine back and forth between Net D to A and B. Basically i want to route all connected 192.168.x.x/16 Networks between the sites.

Im suspecting it`s somewhere in the access lists ?

#sho ip access-lists Standard IP access list 1 10 permit, wildcard bits (128 matches) 20 permit, wildcard bits (26 matches) 40 deny any log (7 matches) Extended IP access list NET_A 10 permit ip (1 match) 20 permit ip (193586 matches) Extended IP access list NET_B 10 permit ip any (9493 matches) 20 permit ip (151845 matches) Extended IP access list NO_NAT_DEST 10 deny ip 30 permit ip any any

The remote peers are using a dynamic-map like like this one:

crypto dynamic-map DYNMAP-1 1 description dynamic cryptomap 1 set transform-set IPSEC-Set match address NET_B reverse-route remote-peer

could someone point to me were i fouled up ?

many tia! Dirk

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Dirk Westfal
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You can't do it...

Both are seen as being on one interface and you can't define rules that map the endpoints on a single interface.

This is how I understand it anyway.....

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Kelvin J. Hill

Kelvin J. Hill schrieb:

Well, i think you`re right - after i had wound fingers from googling and trying, i finally cam eto the conclusion that there`s a readon why every description of a setup like mine involves either GRE or NRHP :) (tried even a vti setup before...)

Then i found, that with using the "set peer dynamic" statement for both of my peers in the lab everything worked (routing between all networks described in previous post) - until one of the peers got a new ip.

The message "cannot resolve peer, will do that when negotiating isakmp" lead me to the false conclusion that it should work even after change-of-ip of one the peers ... Alas - the ios still stored the resolved ip (despite telling otherwise)...

After some big biting into the desk and analyzing traffic, i found out that no dns-resolution took place whatsoever.

Then i took a deep breath, discarded the dynamic cryptomaps setup and tried it again with static onces.

and lo, it works! (though I'm kinda carefull now ... but the currently running transfer-test seems to go fine )

Would have been really helpfull though, to find a cookbook example for "setting up vpn with inter-network routing and dynamic peers using static crypto maps and the 'realtime dns resolution features in 12.4' " ... now i need a new desk ... :)

Implementing qos will be the next challenging task ...


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