Port on switch going crazy........

Ok, here's my network layout. I have a DSL line going to a Cisco 678 DSL modem. That modem feeds a 5 port switch. There are 3 servers hooked up to that switch, each with a external IP. One of the ports on

the switch goes to the WAN port on a Linksys BEFSX41 firewall router. The WAN port also has one of the external IP addresses (set up as a static IP). Other computers, internal network, is hooked up to this router/firewall.

Here's my situation. The port on the 5 port switch that goes to the WAN port on the Linksys is going crazy on the 5 port side. But there doesn't appear to be any traffic I can see going through (from the Linksys side).

On the internal network, the computers are having really, really slow internet access........

Does anyone have any suggestions on things should be set up, or things to look for so I can resolve this issue?

If there are any questions I can answer to help resolve this, please ask and I'll let you know.....


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Steve G
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Have you tried cycling the power on any of these devices?

I would start with the switch as I have seen flakey switches indicate traffic when clearly there was none and then perform perfectly after a power on reset. If that solves it, then I would consider replacing that switch.


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James T. White

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