Gigabit core router/switch

I'm having this question, what brand of full Gigabit core router/switch would you recommend for small local ISP ? It should comply with this requirements:

  • at least 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • BGP4 (at least several ten thousands prefixes, at least 100 neighboroughs)
  • 802.1q vlans
  • remote access (ssh or telnet) and serial consoe, web management
  • at leasr snmp v2
  • full rate gigabit routing with small packets

What brand do you recommend ? Enterasys (f.e. Matrix E-1), Extreme Networks (f.e. Summit X450 or 5i), Huawei (NE08). Please list the one you have positive experience.

Thanks, Matt

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Nortel's 8600 would work great for you. You can get six slot chassis that are redundant. You may also want to look into a Juniper M7i.


Matt wrote:

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Michael Roberts

well it should be something as like Cisco 7301 or Juniper M7i, but cheaper.

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I think a Cisco Catalyst 3750 (or even a 3560, EMI either way) should actually do the trick.

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