how to communicate protocol less

Hello, I want to communicate with some ethernet hardware (not a PC) wich is something like a "stand alone" ethernet card which do not have anything like an IP stack. Where I can can some windows C sourcecodes to send and receive data over ethernet? Maybe there are better newsgroups for posting this request? I am glad about any information. Thank you and regards Mark

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The answer is that you cannot communicate without a protocol!

You may want to look at some of the protocols like DECnet, etc. which do not have a network layer.


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Buzz Lightbeer

You can do it using a raw socket in Linux. There's some sample code at:

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Try searching for "linux raw ethernet sockets" in google groups.

In Windows, I don't think it's possible without a special driver. Perhaps WinPcap has this capability? See

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It can send packets as well as capture them.


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