How to test spanning tree protocol


I want to know how to test the spanning tree protocol with the bridges and switches. Please help me in this.

Regards, F Joe Gladston

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Depens on the manafacturuer i did this last year for cisco kit in the local cisco academy you can show the state of each port on a switch as the network stabalises

I also did a test network of our teams SEM 4 Design and tested it for real (this was with full meshing between switches and hrsp).

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It depends what kind of testing you want to do - scalability, interoperability, or conformance. For interoperability testing you could use the services of UNH's interoperability lab. For conformance testing there are tools such as ANVL by Ixia. For scalability testing you'd need to define your own tests with the help of some test tools such as an Ixia chassis. These tools can get quite expensive, though.

If you don't want to spend any money on testing tools, you could manually create your test environment and run your tests based on the the PICS in the IEEE 802.1Q specification.


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I am us> Hi,

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