6-core or 8-core security cable?

I am pre-wiring the house with security cable for dual-tech sensors and door contacts.

I had planned to use 6-core security cable for this. Is there any reason why 8-core should be used in preference? I know this cable is available but I can't find any sensors that require 8-core. Are there any?

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Old Dad Smith
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I always use 8 core for possible future expansion or faults. This is only a personal preference and not a requirement. Good luck with your venture.

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Paul Ekins

Useful for extending the system, e.g. if you later discovered you wanted another sensor on the other side of the wall. I wired my home up with a mixture of 4, 6, and 8-core cable, typically only 4 core to door sensors. 8 core got used where I thought I might want an additional sensor nearby.

I actually only needed 4 core for my dual-techs as my panel uses dual EOL resistors rather than a separate tamper circuit, and I did only use 4 core for the first couple. Then I thought I should probably switch to 6 core incase the panel ever got changed to a type which has a separate tamper circuit.

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Andrew Gabriel

there are sensors that require more than 6 Core.

Personally I would use 8 Core in case of future faults or expansion requirements (even if using EOL) There is very little difference in price & size between 6 & 8 core but it can save a lot of work later.

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