cisco 2960

hi , unfortunately my switch nvram delted , used command as


after reboot switch only come to boot as


why its shows like this ? any way to bring swich back to working contdition ??

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If it says switch:, you are probably in the bootloader, and not in IOS. If it says Switch>, then you are in IOS, but probably not configured.

The latter is easy to fix, just reconfigure the switch.

The former is harder to deal with, you will need a copy of the IOS image, which you can get from cisco, or from another switch of the same model. You will need to get that image onto a host, and do an Xmodem upload to get it onto the switch. You can transfer the image from a running switch using TFTP, or Xmodem, but if the switch dosen't have IOS on it, you have to use Xmodem.

first things first. check to see if you have an IOS image on the switch, [ dir flash: ], if so, see if you can boot it.

If not, set the console speed to 57600bps [ set BAUD 57600 ]

you will need to change your terminal settings to match.

make sure you have the IOS image handy.

start the Xmodem transfer on the switch [ copy xmodem:{IOS_filename} flash: ] where {IOS_filename} is the full name of the IOS image. {c2960-featureset-revision.bin} (this might be copy xmodem:/{IOS_filename} flash: my memory is fuzzy)

start the Xmodem transfer on the host end, make sure it is running, and go get lunch.. it will take about 30 minutes or so. When you get back, make sure the transfer completed cleanly, and reboot the switch. It should come up into IOS, at which point you can reconfigure it.

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