which 1gb/s and 10gb/s fibre Ethernet cards?

I'd like to buy some 1gb/s and 10gb/s optical fibre Ethernet cards, for use with single mode OS1 fibres. Ideally with some kind of modular optics, like GBIC or XFP for switches (ideally GBIX and XFP...). Ideally PCI Express (rather than PCI-X).

Any suggestions, and names of suppliers, particularly in the UK?

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Peter Grandi
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Chelsio Communcations has 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps cards:

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Patrick Klos

pklos> Chelsio Communcations has 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps cards:

Ahhh, yes, I am contacting them. Then there are 10G Myrinet and various Intel ones, but I am finding it somewhat hard to find them, especially for PCIe and never mind with GBIC or XFP sockets...

Endnode 1gb/s and 10gb/s singlemode does not seem to be very popular, never mind PCI Express.

BTW, just looked at the '.config' file for Linux (the kernel I would run the 10gb/s card under) and these chipsets are listed as supported:

# Ethernet (10000 Mbit) # # CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1 is not set # CONFIG_IXGB is not set # CONFIG_S2IO is not set # CONFIG_MYRI10GE is not set

These are for Chelsio, Intel PRO/10GbE, Neterion, Myrinet cards.

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Peter Grandi

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