mac-address-table static ? how does itwork ?

hello ^^ if only one host should be allowed in a switch port, we have to use this command: (config)#mac-address-table static fa0/1 vlan 1

but i'm wondering.. how does it work ? i checked if switch port has a mac address, and it certainly does!! if mac-address-table static command is used, after all a host mac address and a swich port mac address will be the same valve ? is it possible ? how does it work ? please help me out to understand.. my ccna book doesn't mention anything in detail, is it for ccnp ?

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The "mac-address-table static" commands guards against mac spoofiing. Any packets coming into the interface with a mac-address different to the static entry are dropped. The mac-address of the actual switchport and the end host won't be the same nor would they ever need to be. Packets coming into the interface would never have the mac-address of the switchport.


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