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This is not really a cisco problem but I am not sure where to put it. I have a remote user who is having difficulty in a hotel far away from me. She cannot get connected to the wireless. It says it is connected but she does not get an IP address, just the APIPA address. There is no security on the wireless, strength shows as excellent, all the IP settings are obtain automatically. Her wireless works in our office but she says she has the same issue with her wireless at her house. I believe at her house she hasn't put in her wireless key because she said it is secured but the hotel insists that there is nothing wrong with their wireless.

Has anyone seen where wireless gets connected but does not get an IP?


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Sounds like there is no DHCP server to assign IP address. Pretty hard to troubleshoot without knowing how the infrastructure is setup, I can connect to an AP and not get an IP if there is no DHCP server running.

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