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Gang, I'm looking for sucess stories on wireless networks. We just implemented wireless at our hospital and are just doing wep.

We have physicians coming in from time to time from other hospitals that aren't on our network. They want to use their laptops on our networks.

I'm just not sure if I should be looking at leap, or some other means of authenticating them.

Any advice, books etc, would be great.

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My understanding is as follows:-

WEP is cracked. There is ready made software that can be downloaded from the internet that will crack it in a few minutes. (I have not actually tried so maybe it is harder than this in practise.)

Other 'security measures' such as 'hiding' the ssid and restricting by MAC address are useless too.

For Home/Small office users WPA-PSK/TKIP is OK provided that long keys are used.

As the number of users increases managing the keys becomes increasingly difficult and more sophisticated techniques involving authentication are required. There seem to be several options.

Now that I have got to the interesting part I am stuck;-)

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Are you in the UK ?

If so contact capital networks

formatting link

Cisco wireless specialists

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