I'm looking for Wireless Video... help


I'm looking for a receiver-transmitter kit, I need to tranmit video and 485 / 422 remote controlled for a PTZ camera ( Pelco Specta 3 ) for at least 2 miles ( 3 km ) distance. I don't want to use a line of sight unit, so no Microwave.. I need HF or VHF, omni-directionnal.

Lots of trees in the way... Transmit side = 30 feet, receiver side = 75 feet

I tried a Smartsight S1000 - signal is to low, even if using the 16 db antenna.

Any Ideas ?

Tank.s in advance


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Mario Tardif
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The S1000 won't work with the trees... It's what we've used, but we basically built towers for them... Gotta get way above the trees (not just line of sight above them). I've been told the S1000's were discontinued... We had better results with the S1100's anyway (with the big square antennae). We've also had to use S3100's at a halfway point to boost the signals at some sites... We were using them with Spectras too...

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I had HELL getting them to work with Spectras. Verint kept on sending f*&ked up firmware upgrades to my email, none of them worked. Their support guys had no clue how to advise me on proper cross-wiring of data in-out.

Is it possible to use Coaxitron over s1100's?

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G. Morgan

I don't know... We never tried... We used 1 channel for video and another for the PTZ data.

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