Where can you procure new Cisco Routers/Switches?

Due to the Chip shortage my Cisco reseller has been pushing the delivery date back by months. Then they just did it again! I am at my wit's end. I have called multiple US resellers, one even hung up when I said I was looking to purchase new switches. This is just crazy! So, I am putting it out there, does anyone know any resellers out there that might be able to do business? Not looking for refurbs or any EOL stuff, it has to be NEW and directly from a US Reseller.

Thanks, crzzy1

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Chris Roberts
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Good luck.

Our orders from last summer got pushed back into a 12 month delivery (hopefully) timeframe.

All the resellers already used up the (albiet tiny) stock they had.

There's a few refurb sellers that have stock, but that is disappearing too.

Probably have to settle for what you can get, vs. what your normal is.

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Doug McIntyre

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