new to cisco routers and having a bit of a mare

Not sure if i am in the right group but i figured it is worth a go, any help would be greatly appreciated

Right i am going to apologise in advance if this is a really stupid problem and i am just being really dumb and missing something.

I have just bought a PIX 501 to replace a stolen Dlink firewall

All i want to do is change the internal interface ip to subnet

This was supremely easy on the dlink but not on this thing

Initially i tried to do it through the startup wizard, no dice there got a message about this address not being in the dhcp range. (if it is not possible to do it here then why the hell ask)

So i tried through the Pix management software, again no dice same error about dchp range. Went to change the dchp range and got told i couldnt as the new range didnt match with the interface subnet, lovelly catch 22 problem there cisco.

Next plan was to drag out the hyperterminal (btw i am on xp if thats any help) plugged into the console and got connected

here is the commands i did in console

configure terminal clear dhcpd ip address inside

dhcpd address inside dhcpd dns dhcpd enable inside

write mem

once i have quit out of that i either use the reload or just unplug the box to reboot the thing.

It then proceeds to work as a dhcp server and assign my machine with the correct address etc and i can get on the net. etc and a quick check through console shows all the right interface ip's

However i cannot get into the firewall through the web interface i assume it should now be at but all i get is page cannot be displayed

Is there some other setting that i am missing, please help before this thing goes for a short flight out of my office window

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I think you might find you need to go back into the console and type in:

ena router# config t router(config)# ip http server

This will start the HTTP server on port 80

I'm pretty sure this applies to PIX firewalls aswell as other cisco routers

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