Re: Where can I get an IOS if my router is End -of- Life ???

~ Another newbie question. I have a few cisco routers that I am putting ~ togerther for my CCNA lab and I need to upgrade to the latest and ~ greatest IOS. Accouring to other posts there is no reason to sign up ~ for SMARTnet because Cisco won't support a product that is EOL. ~ So how does one go about getting a new IOS??? here or somewhere ~ on the net? ~ ~ My current Lab is as follows: ~ 2514 16/16 2S2E ~ 2525 16/16 2S1E ~ 1924 ~ ~ ~ Thanks, ~ Jay

Let me note here that there is not just one "End of Life" date for a Cisco hardware product. Rather, there is a whole end-of-life cycle, which includes:

End of Sales (EOS) aka "End of Orderability" End of HW Support End of SW Support End of TAC Support

For example, for the 2514 and 2525, see

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End of Orderability of the select 2500 models March 31, 2001 (Please place last-time orders at the earliest) Last Shipment of the select 2500 models April 30, 2001 End of HW Support August 31, 2003 End of SW Support August 31, 2005 End of TAC/CA Support and RMAs March 31, 2006

So these products are still supported (for a while longer) for software updates and TAC support/RMAs.



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