ASA 5500 for show.

I have a PIX ASA FW. To make auditors happy. I plan to insert it onto the egress between my (internal-switch) and someone else's (external-router called R2)

The inside switch will be transparent (No IP). The Inside interface of the FW will be the GW for the hosts. The outside interface of the FW will connect to R2.

My question is: Does someone have a really lame ASA config I could add onto this device so that: A: There is a GW IP on the ASA, pingable from the inside hosts. B: NO NAT. (So both sides can initiate a session)

and still keep the required. outside security0 inside security100

I'll worry about access lists later. Thanks, crzzy1

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Chris Roberts
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I don't have an answer to your question.

However, given the extremely low amount of on-topic posts in this newsgroup, I'm replying with what I'd be tempted to do.

Either find a template type config online and modify it for your purposes.

Or, try using a copy of Cisco's Security Device Manager application which -- as I understand it -- could build simple configurations. I assume such a configuration would meet your needs.

I've seen copies of Cisco's SDM on various archive sites on the Internet. I think it's also included on some Cisco CD-ROMs from the late '90s / early '00s.

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Grant Taylor

Thank you Grant, This site was once the best one stop place to blog or ask any question, but now, with all the blog sites all over the place, it isn't the same. My work won't allow me to use the SDM, OR have Java, but I am good with CLI. I'll get through it. Thanks

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