Problems with VPN Concentrator 3000 series

Hello there, I'm trying to create tunnel from home computer to my office LAN, but I have some problems with that. Every 10 minutes (sometimes longer) one of the interfaces is freezeing. I can't send ping to private interface or public interface. I also can't get on www-administrator-site (http or https - it doesn't matter how). When I reboot VPN - everything is fine... for 10 minutes. In the log file there is something like that:

662 06/24/2006 13:15:23.800 SEV=2 VRRP/18 RPT=643 VRRP Associated IP Address Mismatch with

663 06/24/2006 13:15:23.800 SEV=2 VRRP/18 RPT=644 VRRP Associated IP Address Mismatch with

Where's the clue??? :(

Second problem is that - when some client will be registrating and loging in VPN (in that 10 minutes) - he doesn't see any computer in my network :(


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Krzysiek Kaliñski
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