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Having multiple VTP severs on the same domain in the same network. Currently working on a network where every switch that was installed ~

100 with VTP domain name "Network" and all running in VTP mode server. I know Cisco says this is not good, but wont kill a network. This network has been running this way for years. Has anyone else seen this setup and what were the issues this setup caused?
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OK. Let's assume all your VTP servers have the same VTP Domain Revision version. Now somebody changes one "insignificant VLAN" (for example, purge VLAN he's not using at his switch). This will be propagated through ALL your switches, and you will not know where the change come from. Another scenario - your server crashed and lost it's VLANs database. switch booted up and has NEWER revision number, so, ALL your switches will synchronize to that failed switch. Or even better scenario - you configured new switch offline, defined VTP domain and no VLANs. Then you connect the switch to the network, and since VTP information is newer than on all other switches, ALL your VLANs will be deleted in your whole company. Sure "it won't kill the network"...

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