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I have question regarding migration from classic PVST to Rapid-PVST. My Layer2 network diagram:

customers | | 2950G | ge | 3560G--ge--3750G---ge---7304 / | | ge | | / | | customers---3550 ge ge \\ | | ge | | \\ | | 2960G--ge--3560G---ge---7304 / \\ ge ge / \\ customers--2950G 2950G--customers All above switches are working in same VTP domain, so they have same VLANs database (currently about 60 VLANs). 3750G switch is root-bridge for all VLANs, core-switches (2960G,2x3560G,3750G) carring VLANs from access-switches (3550, 3x2950G) to edge routers (2x7304).

How procedure of migration to Rapid-PVST should looks ? Should I first upgrade core switches and next access-switches ? Is this migration bring some outages in network (eg. caused by spanning-tree recalcuations).

Thanks for help, Robert

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Robert Hass
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Ensure that everything you have supports rpvst otherwise it will just revert to pvst+

Ensure that you have portfast configured where you need it and keep in mind how rpvst calculates it's tree, ports with full duplex etc.

I would just roll out the spanning-tree rpvst command across the board during a scheduled maintenance window, to be sure.

As you enable it on switches they will probably continue to run pvst until all the switches stop seeing older version bpdu's.

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