VTP questions (multiple VTP servers on same domain)

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and just want to run this by you guys to see if I understood it.

  1. If two switches are set as server with VTP Pruning disabled, no password, empty string as domain name (out of the box config.) whats there to stop someone to bring up a switch and call him self a master of the VTP domain with vtp version 2 enabled? (nothing right?)

  1. do i understand it correctly that when I make a vlan pruning- ineligible, it won't be 'learned' by a VTP advertisement even when the config. revision number is higher, in other words, if I have a switch with some prune-ineligible vlans defined, it doesn't matter if some other switch advertises a VTP advertisement with higher config. rev. number, I won't erase those vlans.

  2. what the best way to make sure that only set vlans are 'learned' via VTP?

  1. if I have multiple VTP servers on same l2 network connected via trunks with different VLANs on each? is that a disaster waiting to happen?

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VTP doesn't work unless you have a VTP domain name configured. If the VTP domain is nothing, this is the same as VTP transparent mode.

VTP pruning has nothing to do with VTP learning or deleting new VLANs. VTP pruning allows VLANs to be pruned from trunks between switches i.e. if a switch B connected via switch A does not have any ports with VLAN 20, VLAN

20 would be pruned from the trunk between switch A and switch B. Its better to prune vlans manually using "switchport trunk allowed-vlan" command.

The only way to make sure that vlan's are learned is to make the switch a "vtp client". There is nothing to prevent someone from making it "vtp transparent" creating a vlan and then making it "vtp client" again.

No, every switch in your network can be a "vtp server". All this means is if a vlan is created on a switch that is a "vtp server", the vlan information will be sent to all the other switches in the same vtp domain and created on those switches as well.


formatting link
twice and just want to run this by you guys to see if I understood it.

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