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I have a general question here. I currently have a small business, and would like to set up VPN on my network so as to be able to connect remotely. Currently, I use comcast as my ISP, and looking to by a sonicwall firewall both for security, but especially for VPN.

Would be be possible to have VPN on a regular comcast connection, and will it not suffer from upload problems when connected remotely to it?

Thanks much!

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VPN's are setup all the time on cable modem or DSL modem Internet connections.

How fast it is and how good the performance will be depends on the speed of the service subscribed to and what is being done.

The main technical issue is how to access the VPN server when the IP address could change as these are typically assigned dynamically. In some cases for business service the IP address is a static assignment. Some firewalls support dynamic DNS service such as dyndns.

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In that case, you should post your question in the Sonicwall newsgroup. Oh, but there is no such thing as a Sonicwall newsgroup.

My point is: go with a corporate grade solution. The Cisco ASA 5500 entry level is inexpensive and it performs at wire speed. It comes with a nice GUI.


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