VPN core to FVS318 endpoints recommendations

I am currently looking for recommendations on a cost effective measure to connect 20 or so static IP endpoints currently utilizing FVS318s (IPSec 3DES) to a central location. These are primarily used for Remote Desktop (Sybase based application) connections and inventory purposes (page counters on printers). In the future we are possible looking at co-locating the majority of our resources inside a communications center in Sacramento so I do not want to get in over my head with equipment that may not have a practical use down the road. We have tried the FVL328 as its spec sheet looked like what we were after from a cost vs. future integration standpoint due largely to our happiness with the endpoint FVS318 connections currently in place. Talk about a nightmare of a product! I have looked at several instances of poor reviews of Netscreen appliances connecting to the

318s and SonicWalls as well. Usage of the FVS318 endpoints currently in place is highly desired. This doesn't need to be a "cheap" venture but it does need to have practical usage down the road and reasonable for the current application. I have general CISCO admin experience but no CISCO VPN setup experience (I pickup from books quickly and can research if this is a valid solution). In regards to long term goals, we will be moving away from our current "hosted" VoIP service and moving towards a CCM/SRST architecture eventually with Active Directory/Exchange based Unity Messaging. We are in the Real Estate business and capital expenditures, while not non-existent, are studied more right now than they may be 3 years from now. Thanks in advance for any information! I feel at this point that I need to make a move and stop scattering my research.
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Hi, How do FVS318 to FVS318 tunnels work ? I've not used these myself. If they are good then why not get a small public addressed dmz from your ISP and run a few, each serving 8 sites ? It would give you some additional redundancy as well. I've put in much larger site to site vpn setups, but used the 3com (SS3) rebadged sonicwall devices with no problems. simon

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