vpdn-config kills leased-line with ppp ???

Hi, I?ve got a rather stupid question:

I have a router in my lab which has a dedicated leased-line with ppp-encapsulation. All I?ve configured on the interface is "encapsulation ppp". Everything works fine so far.

Now I want to test using this router as a LNS. So I configure "vpdn enable", a vpdn-group and a virtual-template interface etc... in order to terminate l2dp-session my ISP sends me.

Now the problem: as soon as I?ve configured the vpdn-stuff, the leased-line goes down, because now the router thinks the PPP protocol I?m running on the leased line is part of my vpdn-network. So whenever the leased line comes up again, the router clones the virtual-template, creates a virtual-access-interface etc...

How can I tell the router to leave my leased-line alone of all the dvpn-stuff? I looked but didn?t find a way to configure this?

any hints??

Regards, Axel

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Possibly something will help at

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