Need help with 1721 routers to joing 2 offices via leased line

I have 1 leased lines that connect 2 offices. At each end, there are 1 modem and 1 1721 router (with a WIC-2T). We use WIC1 for this leased line. The other port (WIC0) is for the next leased line to the other remote office that we will implement next month.

The IP of WIC1 is and at each end of the line. The IP of the FastEther0 at the local office is . FastEther0 is connect to a switch that many other PCs in the LAN connect to.

We need the PCs (in be able to commicate with the remote office. And vice versa. From next month, we need the PCs to commincate with the other remote office that I don't know the IP details neither.

Can someone help me with a basic configuration on the 2 1721 routers?

I am familiar with Unix/Linux/BSD routing. It's my first time play with Cisco router.

Thanks a lot. ZP

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Suggest you simplify the addressing to 172.16.x.0/24 for both WAN and LAN.

config t

! Router A


enable secret

service timestamps debug datetime msec localtime show-timezone service timestamps log datetime msec localtime show-timezone

int serial description < place description of circuit including circuit id here>

ip address exit

ip classless ip subnet-zero

router eigrp 1 network eigrp log-neighbor-changes no auto exit

logging buffer 10000 info no logging console


wri mem

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