VPDN and IP local pool

Hi all

I have on my C1760 an interface virtual-template and a VPDN-group to allow pptp users to "vpn" my site.

I use on the interface Virtual-Template1 the command:

peer default ip address pool POOLNAME

linked to the pool:

ip local pool POOLNAME

and everything works fine.

My trouble is that I would like to assign to a specific remote user a fixed IP address and do not know how to do it.

If I configure the vpn client with fixed address for instance, it does not take the configured value but a different one of the pool range.

The authentication and accounting is performed by a MS IAS Server. If I tell IAS Server to assign to this specific ppp user/pass an address, would it work ? I think that the PPP LCP ( or was it PPP CCP) is not relayed to the IAS Server...

Is there a way to assign the user a specific IP address , managing it on my C1760?



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