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I am having problem with VOIP at home. I do have Vonage service which I access thru my cable modem. Here is the situation:

Old apartment: Only broadband connection (no cable TV) - Voice is clear

New apartment: Broadband connection + cable TV - Voice calls (and even dial tone) have some TV/music in the background (faint sounds but audible)

How do I correct this problem? Are there any devices that will clean up the IP stream? Yesterday I did not hear much sound but my girlfriend at the other end could hear music. Is there anyway to clean up the outbound VOIP connection?

I know this is not a Cisco issue but I did not know where else to turn for help. Thank you in advance for any help or advice.


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Subba Rao
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Hi Subba,

It sounds like your analog phone picks a radio signal or has too sensitive microphone. It's a small chance also that your VoIP box (adapter) picks that signal. It has nothing to do with VoIP itself - it's all straight bytes and bits, and if IP packet is corrupted or missing, you will have gaps in the speach, but not a music. Try to get another analog phone, and, if possible, get another VoIP adapter to try.

Good luck,


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You may wish to investigate the Vonage User Forum:

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