VLAN Configurations..

This is all just an idea.. I'd like to ask an opinion and see what the group think or if you guys can ask more relevant questions about the idea..

I can create about 4-5 vlans. 3-4 diff departments and 1 subnet for servers. i have an ASA 4 Gb ports, right now the setup is happy. there isnt an immediate need to segment anything, but it would be nice.

Since i have 4 interfaces (on the ASA); i have each subnet on its own interface. if use 1 switch to create these vlans im thinking about and trunk a port on each vlan can i plug the trunk ports into these 4 interfaces on the router and more or less save using less switches oppossed to router on a stick (sub-interfaces).

Would a router on a stick introduce throughput issues?

What would be the benefit here? Right now all my LAN/server/additiona depts are all on the same LAN. This isnt a big concern for security, but it might be a good idea just to VLAN the servers. 1 of the servers is the main APP server. Everyone will need access to it. Wouldnt this defeat the purpose of setting up the VLANs?

Then there is a chat/jabber server; again they all need access.

So whats the true purpose or time when a VLAN should be used?

Hope I didnt go to fast or posted an unclear idea. Please ask for more info if so and I will provide.



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