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I have a question about the VOIP VLAN. For typical conneciton, PC----VOIP----SW The VOIP is in voice vlan 2 and the PC is in data vlan 3. When the ping is sent from the PC to the VOIP phone, what is the path does it take? I expect that the ping will find the VLAN interface on the switch first. Then, the VLAN routing determine the exit outgoing port directed to the VOIP phone which is the same as the incoming switchport. Am I right? How to prove it?


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You are correct.

You can check this in several ways.

The easiest might be to eliminate other network traffic from the port and send enough pings to see them on the switch's port counters. You will see then coming in and going out. If you use say fping.exe

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you will easily be able to send enough pings to swamp inevitable network traffic.

You may be able to do the same thing on the phone's port counters.

You may be able to use SPAN (port mirroring) on the switch to see the traffic using a seperate analyser PC running say Ethereal.

If you mentiond your specific phone and switch model perhaps someone could offer more specific suggestions.

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