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I need to connect a VOIP phone with the voice and PC port connected to the ports of the layer 3 switch. The PC port of the phone connected to the switchport which belongs to the VLAN other than VLAN of the voice port as follows.

VOIPhone--(voice port)-----SW |_______(PC port)______|

Any STP issue? The IP will be assigned from the PC port or the voice port? The VOIP phone keeps on releasing it's assigned IP with this configuration. Why?


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The standard VoIP Phone is not meant to be connected to the network switch via it's PC Port. It's meant to have a PC attached to the PC port. The phone should be attached to the network switch via it's switch port only. This port should be configured to trunk - so that the PC port can be on a separate VLAN than the phone itself. Assuming you are using a Cisco VoIP phone and you have one VLAN for the VoIP Phone and a separate one for the PC that's attached to the phone, here's sample configurations of the switch config:

Cisco IOS Switch interface FastEthernet0/9 description IP phone switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk native vlan 75 !

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