VLAN and Wireless config question

I currently have the following setup-

(4510 Gi7/48) - (1310 Bridge 1) - (1310 Bridge 2) - (2950 fa0/24)

I have the 4510 port setup with a seperate VLAN and it is set to access mode. The access points have no VLAN info, and I have the same VLAN ID created on the 2950 in client mode. All of the 2950 ports are set for this VLAN access. If I want to set this up so that more than the one VLAN can traverse the link, will the wireless get in the way? I could set the 4510 port to trunk adn the 2950 to trunk, but I wasn't sure if the wireless link would mess up that traffic. My assuption is that it will.

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