Multiple QLLC X.25 line to SNAsw via HPR/IP

Hi all,

I have a big problem. I have a router which has 3 X.25 lines configured to accept QLLC calls from a logical phone numbers. The aim of this operation is that our MVS check the status of each line through EE on the router, and if a call enter from line

3, the MVS choose to redirect the outcoming call through the line 1.


--[X.25 with QLLC on line 1]---| | |Router|

--[X.25 with QLLC on line 2]---| w/ |--[IP with HPR/IP]-- OSA Card | local|

--[X.25 with QLLC on line 3]---| DLsw| |------|

I have defined on WAN-LAN mapping: local DLsw on each serial interface ( each line), a vmac anwith his own ring for DLSw .

- for the line 1 : 4000.3640.4001 with 100 ring and VDLC vmac 4000.3745.4001

- for the line 2: 4000.3640.5001, and with 200 ring and VDLC vmac


- for the line 3: 4000.3640.6001 with 300 ring and VDLC vmac 4000.3745.6001

on the SNAsw, i have define 3 ports (one dedicated for each line) with one CP name. but doesn't works...

Any ideas?

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