Trunking vlan on 6500-Help Please.

I have a good idea what's need to be done, but I need a little more assurance.

Here is what I have a core 6500 with an MSFC that is trunking all the vlans like a typical enviorment.

I have a 3550 switch that is connected to port 7/12 on the 6500. All I want to do is trunk vlan 442 to the 3550 without causing any problems.

Here is the command that I am using set trunk 8/12 vlan 142 type

at this point I have not hit the enter button because I am afraid that all of my vlans will try and trunk over this.. and my orginal trunk will be screwed up.I have a gut feeling I am going to have to use the clear command...should I set that up first? Will I cause any problems.

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If you are using CatOS.

show trunk 7/12

Now you can see which vlans are trunking over the link.

set vlan 442 7/12

This will add Vlan 442 to the list of vlans being trunked on 7/12.

clear vlan 442 7/12

This will delete Vlan 442 from the trunk.

If you have ports set in vlan 442 on the other side of the trunk I don't think that VTP will prune it from the trunk if you have VTP pruning enabled.

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