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I have a core 6500 with a MSFC with multiple access/ distrubition switch. I will be installing a new switch for a new group of users, I want to restrict this group of users only to certain servers and VLANS.

Basically I will be installing a new 3750 and creating a vlan for this group of users and trunking it to the 6500. In addition I was thinking about adding some IP permit/Denys have had a chance to get in to.

Any ideas how I should proceed

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After configuring the SVI( Layer 3 interface) for the new VLAN just check whether u able to reach the servers in another VLANS, once u through with that connectivity , configure ACL according to ur requirement and apply it to the SVI of the new VLAN in " in" direction which u had created.

ex: Vlan 10 is ur new VLAN, and new subnet is,and server subnet is As u r configuring in " in " direction , access-list will look like this

access-list 125 deny ip any host access-list 125 deny ip any access-list 125 permit ip any any

int vlan 10 access-group 125 in

thats it

rgds Suman

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