Cat 6500 to Cat 6500 and VLANs

We have linked two Cat 6500/Sup720's together over the Gig port to replace 2 backbone Cisco 3500 switches.

I am new to the 6500 but on our 3500's we connect swicthes together and allow trunking as follows: interface FastEthernet0/1 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk

On the 3500's I place a port in a particular VLAN as follows: interface FastEthernet0/8 switchport access vlan 207

How do I do the same on the 6500's ?

Also how would we connect the 6500's to our Cisco 3500 switch network?

Thanks Gary

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are you running CATOS ? you could upgrade to IOS - hence same commands

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Martin Bilgrav

On 02.12.2005 00:01 Gary wrote

Give the 10/100 module is in slot 1 in CatOS that will read

set trunk 1/1 on dot1q ! ! and ! set vlan 207 1/8

What exactly do you mean by that?

What I would do. Put in the new 6509s (nice gear btw esp. if you are only switching and using CatOS), link the 3500s to them amd migrate your network to the new hardware one by one.


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