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I have an issue with Ghost which I can't figure out. I can multicast images down to multiple client PCs in acceptable time. However, when I try to unicast from an single client up to the Ghost server I get ridiculous estomates of 70 hours and more... The Ghost server is patched into a 2950, that is connected to the client PCs with a 3550 by X-over cable. I spent a long time ensuring patch cables are good; all ports in all switches are in VLAN1; if I connect the client PC directly into the 2950 (with the Ghost server) then I get acceptable performance. Only when both switches are connected the performance suffers... Any ideas? TIA, Ned

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Duplex mismatch? Both sides set to the right settings? I've seen countless transfer issues when default boxes are booted and there are speed/duplex issues..........

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I've seen these issues as well. As Trendkill suggested take a look at the interfaces of the uplink ports. You may have to manual set. Or maybe creating an trunk link between the switches?

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typically you would observe duplex mismatch issues only in one traffic flow direction. This I have expericened several times. As you have a uplink between C2950 and C3550, this might be misconfigured. you can verify this by login to the switch and do "show interface status" on both switches the tow link-ports between the switches must run same speed and duplex. Also you could have duplex mismatch on server and/or client ports, which can be verified in the same manner.

HTH Martin

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