Strange Routing Problem with EIGRP over Tunnels

Can anyone throw any light on this.

I have a small network connecting 2 x sites together. The LAN's are

192.168.143.X/24 and 10.10.X.X /16 respectively. All the routers WAN IP's are 10.250.X.X/16.

Between RTR1 and RTR3 I have a point-to-point GRE Tunnel & /24. Between RTR2 and RTR4 I run a DMVPN with RTR5 (the NHRP server). The DMVPN Tunnel IP's are, .2 & .3 /24 repectively). I use a route-map on RTR1 and RTR3 that prioritise important IP traffic to go over the RTR1 to RTR3 Tunnel. Any traffic not matched is forwarded normally over the DMVPN. NB RTR1 & RTR3 are HSRP active routers for their LANs.

On the RTR1 - RTR3 connection the bandwidth is 32k and delay 5000. On the RTR2 - RTR4 link the bandwidth is 256k and delay 1000. This means all traffic should prefer the RTR2 - RTR4 link due to the better metric assuming no route-map match.

I advertise my 10.250.X.X WAN in RIP (including no validate update source + passive interface on he LAN). I advertise my Tunnels and LAN in EIGRP.

My problem - RTR1 & RTR3 (on their respective LAN's) think the best path to the remote LAN is via RTR2 & RTR4. However, RTR2 & RTR4 think the best path is via RTR1 & RTR3.

Is it possible that the switch simulating the WAN may be throwing the routing metrics out when RIP and EIGRP routing updates are being learned by the routers.

I don't redistribute between routing protocols.

Diagram: /24 | | Rtr3 Rtr4 (DMVPN) | | (WAN - Catalyst Switch) 10.250.X.X ----Rtr5 (DMVPN) for Rtr 2 & 4 | | Rtr1 Rtr2 (DMVPN) | | /16
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Darren Green
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The switch shouldn't be involved in the routing protocols at all.

Can you post the routing table from each router. That may help.

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Unfortunately I have now taken the lab apart as I have to install the kit for real. I am hoping that when the router are installed and connect to the real PE's this scenario won't occur again.

I knew the switch was layer 2. I just thought that in my simulated lab that multicasts from EIGRP & RIPv2 ( & .10) were somehow not correctly being sent / received.

When I install the kit I will post a config if I get the same error.

Thanks for the reply.



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