Trying to send E-mail over wireless coinnection

I am trying to send E-mail when at work where there is wireless access. I can download my email but not send. E-mail is netzero account. How do I have to set up my Outlook express?


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Greg VanOcker
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Talk to whomever's network you're accessing. You'll need to get their SMTP server for that network.


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If you are using a hotspot, port 25 may be blocked (to prevent people using that connection to send spam).

Do you have a Web interface? That would be the best way to go at a hotspot.

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Jerry Park

There are also some cases where you can not send without the main service. I know Freeola does not allow users to send via say BT or another ISP but will allow you to receive all your 'freeola' email.

Also, chedk the port settings at work, if you have a hardware firewall (or even software) and even check certain permissions upon your network

Hope this helps.


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