Re: route-map precedence ?

thanx, Say for example if I have 2 neighboors A and B and 3 networks X,Y and Z, and then I want to arrange/preffer that X and Y traffic comes from A but Z from B then I should do something like this !!

neighboor B route-map blah-B out

network X network Y network Z route-map via_B

#by default preffer to come from AS-A route-map blah-B permit 20 set as-path prepend my-AS route-map blah-B permit 100

#only network Z should annonce it so that AS-B will be preffered route-map via_B permit 20 match !!something!! set as-prepend my-AS

Are my thoughts correct and if yes what will be !!something!! :")

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For this, I think you only need the neighbor route-map, not the network route-map. Network route-maps (and also redistribute route-maps) should generally be used to set attributes that will be used independently of the neighbor, or will be processed by the neighbor route-maps. For instance, you might put route tags in with a network route-map, and then have the neighbor route-map match tags.

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Barry Margolin

do u have some example at hand !! thanx

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