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I've tried googling this messages, but I've not found a good answer: %SPANTREE-5-EXTENDED_SYSID: Extended SysId enabled for type vlan

Can anyone give me a short brief about this messages? Anything to worry about?


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see Cisco doc "Understanding How STP Works"

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" Understanding the Bridge ID

Each VLAN on each network device has a unique 64-bit bridge ID consisting of a bridge priority value, an extended system ID, and an STM MAC address allocation.

This section contains these topics:

  • Bridge Priority Value * Extended System ID * STP MAC Address Allocation

Bridge Priority Value

With Release 12.1(8a)E and later, the bridge priority is a 4-bit value when the extended system ID is enabled (see Table 11-2). With earlier releases, the bridge priority is a 16-bit value (see Table 11-1). See the "Configuring the Bridge Priority of a VLAN" section.

Extended System ID

Releases 12.1(8a)E and later support a 12-bit extended system ID field as part of the bridge ID (see Table 11-2). Chassis that support only

64 MAC addresses always use the 12-bit extended system ID. On chassis that support 1024 MAC addresses, you can enable use of the extended system ID. STP uses the VLAN ID as the extended system ID. See the "Enabling the Extended System ID" section. "

Nothing to worry about.

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