Re: Comcast High-Speed Internet Bandwidth Usage Warning

This is all very ambiguous. I guess Comcast thinks they can run a

> business by screwing 1% of their customers based on the assumption > that the same 1% will offend every month (otherwise 1% + 1% + 1% + ...

It's not an assumption -- you don't get cut off UNTIL you offend for several months in a row. So they've identified those "same 1%" already.

is eventually going to equal a lot of customers). By screwing I mean > they don't give any reasonable way to determine how much bandwidth is > too much. "Too much" is based on some average, but I have no way to > determine the average, and the average is always changing. It's a > lottery.

I doubt it. The people who get caught by this almost certainly know that they download much more than most Internet users. I find it hard to believe that you're surprised at being in the top 1% -- you're probably downloading for several hours on a daily basis.

And the fact that the average is always changing is a GOOD THING. A year or two ago most Internet users weren't downloading movies and TV shows from iTunes, or watching Internet replays of TV shows at network web sites. I wouldn't be surprised if the average amount of bandwidth used by broadband customers has doubled in the past few years. Comcast didn't respond to this by telling all these customers to stop downloading. On the contrary, they've been increasing the speeds of their cable modem services. The average is always a moving target.

But I think that no matter what it is, the exorbitant users know who they are.

Barry Margolin, Arlington, MA

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for an example of Comcast's business practices. Why should their 'bait and switch' unlimited usage be any different? PAT]
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