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I've got a remote site connected to the central site for Internet access via 2 T1s to an ATM network. Voice has been allocated 800k of this bandwidth, and the rest is data. Network usage at this particular site has been growing within the past couple of months and at times bandwidth has been maxed out. I need some way to make sure bandwidth is allocated fairly. I'd like to be able to add more capacity, but that's not going to be possible right now.

One of the first things I thought of was unicast storm-control. If I went this route, I'm not sure what parameters to use. Right now, some ports are set to an upper limit of 5%, and some are set to 5k pps (the default value, I believe). This was all set up before I started here, and I've never really given it much though until this project came along. It looks like the upstream connection for that site rarely gets over 450 pps to the central site.


- Is unicast storm-control a good option here, or should I look at others?

- If I do use it, can someone point me to where I can find some help on the best settings to use in this particular environment?

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You didn't specify, but I assume you are looking to use as much of the bandwidth as possible for data, and utilize any unused voice bandwidth. If your equipment is capable, you can set the voice vc to "variable bit-rate - real-time," and the data vc to "available bandwidth." When there is no voice traffic, the full bandwidth is available for data, and voice traffic will take only what it needs, up to the maximum configured bit-rate.

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