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Hi, I am using ISR 2821 router with IOS version C2800NM-ADVSECURITYK9-M), Version 12.4(5).

I have enabled the IP SNAT and using HSRP. IP SNAT process is using too many memory daily and memory usage is getting increased daily and after 6-7 months the memory usage by IP SNAT goes more than 80-90% and by that time I used to reload the router manually.

Why is this happening? Is there any bug for IP SNAT feature in my current IOS version?

M1#show processes memory sorted Processor Pool Total: 198245536 Used: 173996592 Free: 24248944 I/O Pool Total: 12582912 Used: 5348672 Free: 7234240

PID TTY Allocated Freed Holding Getbufs Retbufs Process

187 0 136808520 208 136810080 2268 0 IP SNAT Conn Pro
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I am not familiar with SNAT however I suspect that NAT translations by default have a rather a long life. You could try changing the timeout of NAT translations to see if that helps.

As an alternative to a reload

clear ip nat tr *

This may or may not affect user sessions depending on what they are doing.

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There are 4 Severity 2 bugs and 12 severity 3 bugs associated with IP SNAT in 12.4

You may wish to upgrade to the latest maintenance release to see if that will address you current difficulty

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