Signs of flashmemory about to fail

dear Sirs

Due to rural location it is required to take router and other networkcomponents off mains and telco during thunderstorms.

When Power-On my 2621 goes into ROM monitor about 3 out of 5 times. By issuing "i" the router reinitializes and boots from flash.

Would this be sign of flashmemory just about to fail?

Me thinks so.

best regards

Christer Bergstrom Viker Sweden

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Christer Bergstrom
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No idea about symptoms of flash failure.

Worth a try to re-seat whatever socketed chips there are and maybe all connections on the board.

What is the configuration register and boot parameters.

sh ver sh boot ! IIRC sh run | inc boot sh flash

I don't know that much about it however, if you did suspect the flash it might be work erasing it and reloading it, however if it turns out that the flash is actually worn out then this process may of course finish it off.

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Sounds like a bad router. Flash memory is either "good" or "bad". I would suspect that the flash controller is flaky, not the actually flash memory.


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Hi Christer,

Look for a Valid Image in Flash:

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Hope this helps.

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