sho config vs sho run

use wr or copy command just to be safe!

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Correct. Show conf is the saved config. Show running is the current config that is not saved.

Not until you do the 'wr mem' or 'copy running-config startup-config'

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Doug McIntyre

Could someone enlighten me as to the difference?

SHOW CONFIG is the old one before I made the changes, but SHOW RUN gives the one I newly configured

Is my running config saved?

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Tom Linden

"Tom Linden" skrev i en meddelelse news:ops6krnzolzgicya@hyrrokkin...

To be precise, from the "sh ?": configuration Contents of Non-Volatile memory running-config Current operating configuration startup-config Contents of startup configuration

So, a show startup-config and show configuration is identical. and unless you have done a "copy running-configuration startup-configuration" or a "write memory" you can not be sure your configuration is saved.

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