pix static xlate doesn't trigger

standard static (inside,outside) rule on a 501 running 6.3(4) (also

6.3(5) on a second pix), occasionally doesn't get activated. there is nothing wrong with the config because it works for awhile and then doesn't with no change to the config. the temporary fix is manually removing the static config and re-adding. as i mentioned we've duplicated the problem on a 2nd pix.


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From your description of the problem I would be led to believe that the host in which the translation is for may have another IP address that it is using. If that's not the case you may want do a packet capture to see what source IP address is coming across. I haven't heard or seen any bugs about static translations not matching intermittently and I have been managing a fleet of PIX boxes 501, 515E, 520, and ASA5510 for years now (except asa as it's a new machine for me).

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